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Paper Tiger

Nic Jones
13 September 1983
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If you want to know who or what I am, read the journal. It's all mostly true. I put my name here for a reason.

I don't do quizzes/memes or use smilies. On principle. It distresses me that an increasing number of today's youth wouldn't know how to make a decent fire. I take steps two at a time, also on principle.

In response to the actions collectively referred to as Strikethrough '07, this blog is mirrored at nicwrites on InsaneJournal.

Anonymous comments are almost always on, but don't be a dick - leave your name. IP logging is on. Default userpic made by psyanide.

FAQ: (I can't believe I had to make this...)
  1. Can I add you?

    Yes. I don't really care who reads the public entries. If I did, they wouldn't be public. Statistically, about 90% of what I post is public - if you want to see the rest you probably should comment to let me know you've added me.

  2. How do you do that iTunes music thing in your posts?

    It's a feature of the LJ client I use, XJournal.

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